The Last Of Us 'Grounded Bundle' DLC Release Date Revealed

By Mike Sousa on April 26, 2014, 5:05PM EDT

The last DLC pack for The Last of Us, Grounded Bundle, will be released on the week of May 5, Naughty Dog announced via twitter. Based on how the PlayStation Store works and when it updates, the pack will most likely arrive on Tuesday, 6th of May, in North America, followed by Europe in the day after.

This last DLC will include four packs dedicated to the game's multiplayer: Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, Survivalist Weapon Bundle, Situational Survival Skills Bundle, and Professional Survival Skills Bundle. In addition, the Grounded Bundle will also add a new difficulty to the title's single player campaign. You can click here if you want to know more information about each of these packs.

The Grounded Bundle will be available for free for Season Pass holders, and if you still haven't purchased it you better do it soon, as Naughty Dog has announced that the Season Pass will only be available until the 13th of May. If bought individually, the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack will cost $9.99, the Survivalist Weapon Bundle $5.99, while each Skill Bundle will cost $3.99.

Source: Twitter

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