Three New Vita Titles From Sony's Japan Studio

By Melissa Evans on April 16, 2014, 6:33PM EDT

Sony's Japan Studio, the makers behind Demon Souls and Gravity Rush have announced that three of their new titles will be making their way to Europe and North America.

First we have Freedom Wars, a third-person action game that is being co-developed by Dimps (co-developer of Street Fighter IV and Sonic 4) and Shift (Gods Eater Burst). The game seems to be mix between shooting and melee brawling. Its supports up to eight-player in online co-op mode as well as four-player ad-hoc support. The story stems around a future where people are sentenced to prison for a million years just for being born.

Secondly in Japan Studio's three part annoucement is the RPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines. Very little is known about this title, but it follows the story of an ancient Japanese clan that can only survive a maximum lifespan of two years. The ill soldiers must find a way to lift the curse and get in the gods' good graces so that future clans will be more healthy and powerful.

The final game of the bunch (isn't exactly a new one) is Soul Sacrifice Delta. This is basically an updated version of last years boss hunting Vita game. This one actually has a release set for May 13th in North America and the very next day in Europe. This "new" enhanced version of Soul Sacrifice will contain different factions you can join, new archfiends to battle, an improved enemy AI, weather effects, and more missions and spells to cast. And of course, your previous save data from the original Soul Sacrifice will carry over.

One of these titles actually has a release date but as soon as one is announced for the other two, we will be sure to provide an update.


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