Upcoming PS4 Update Will Include SHAREFactory Video Editor

By Jared Scott on April 19, 2014, 11:12AM EDT

Very soon, PS4 owners will receive the v1.70 software update that promises to add the SHAREFactory video editor feature to the console. However, there are a few more features included in the update that will make gamers' experiences with the PS4 all the more grand.

Concerning the video editor, players will be able to use the software to combine multiple videos together. They can be further edited by adding transitions, filters, text, audio commentary via PlayStation Camera, importing your own music into the video, and so on.

The Share feature itself will be enhanced as well. Videos can be posted to Facebook or placed on a USB drive in order to share them literally anywhere. The recording time of gameplay can also be shortened, default screenshot saves and video clips can be removed, and who you share the clips with can now be changed as well. Recording can also be extended by turning off the HDCP which will allow players to capture video from the HDMI output. However, the length of time that the video will be captured has not yet been revealed.

Finally, the Play As You Download feature is getting a little boost. With the correct settings in place, a pre-ordered digital game will begin downloading four days before its actual release. While gamers will not be able to play the title before its release date, this feature promises that they will be able to enjoy their title the second it's released to the rest of the world.

It certainly seems like Sony is beginning to cater to the Let's Play and digital crowds with the new video editor, extended recording time, and pre-download features of the PS4. Let us know what you think of update 1.70 in the comments below.

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