Xbox One System Update Arrives Today

By Jared Scott on April 15, 2014, 1:51PM EDT

Out today is a new Xbox One system update that will improve various features ranging from better Kinect controls to increased Blu-ray output. While not all of these changes directly improve gameplay, they do make many welcomed changes to the overall console.

In this update, Xbox One owners will now have 50Hz video output for Blu-rays, enhanced GameDVR quality, greater connectivity to headset adapters and controllers, an improved Friends list that notifies when friends are signed in and playing multiplayer games, improved voice and motion controls for the Kinect, a game-save progress bar, and an improved way to check what games and apps have been updated. One final improvement is that when the console is left in Instant On mode, the system will update itself, restart, and wait for you in standby.

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Source: EuroGamer

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