Mario Golf: World Tour DLC Detailed

By Jared Scott on May 2, 2014, 6:07PM EDT

Nintendo announced right before its release that Mario Golf: World Tour would have both DLC and a Season Pass. Now that the game is released, Nintendo has shown via video just what golf enthusiasts can expect in exchange for some extra fees.

The first DLC pack is named Mushroom Pack. It holds two courses, Toad Highlands and Koopa Park, along with a new playable character, Todette. The second DLC pack adds Nabbit to the roster and the courses Layer Cake Desert and Sparkling Waters, while the Star Pack includes Roselina and the courses Rock-Candy Mines and Mario's Star, a Mario Galaxy inspired course. Each DLC can be bought separately for $5.99, but the Season Pass offers all three packs and Gold Mario as a playable character for $14.99. It's worth noting that Gold Mario earns coins, the game's currency, with each swing of the golf club.

Mario Golf: World Tour is out now on the Nintendo 3DS and can be purchased at retail or through the 3DS eShop.

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