Microsoft Promises New IPs and Sequels at E3 2014

By Jared Scott on May 6, 2014, 3:34PM EDT

With E3 only a month away, Microsoft has given fans an idea of what to expect at this year's showing which they are calling Xbox: Game On. This teaser also included what time their conference started and how those not at E3 can view the announcements.

Phil Spencer of Microsoft tweeted that viewers can expect to see brand new IPs for the Xbox brand as well as sequels to existing ones. He also stated that there will be announcements concerning new studios, but did not specify any further.

E3 is planned to have Microsoft be the first of the many showings this June. They will have a 30 minute pre-show event, but the actual conference is estimated to be at 90 minutes. The conference will be streamed via, Xbox Live, and on Windows Phone.

Will Xbox be the example of success this E3 or will they fall victim to another shellacking as they did in 2013 by Sony? Only time will tell.

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