Xbox One And PS4 Consume A Great Amount Of Power, Even In Standby Mode

By Mike Sousa on May 19, 2014, 12:04PM EDT

The next-gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, have very high consumption across a variety of functions, revealed the Natural Resources Defense Council. This environmental advocacy group also revealed that Nintendo Wii U proves itself to be a lot more efficient compared to Xbox One and PS4.

The PS4 is the console that consumes the most while streaming and navigating, using nearly 90 watts, while the Xbox One uses nearly 80 watts while doing the same functions. This consumption is even higher when playing games, the PS4 consumes around 135 watts and the Xbox One around 110. However, while in standby mode, it's the Xbox One that wastes the most energy, nearly 20 watts, while PS4 uses around 10 watts. The Nintendo Wii U is clearly the most efficient, with actions like playing or navigating only consuming around 35 watts.

This report also reveals the annual consumption for all three systems, revealing that Xbox One will be the one that consumes the most, mainly due to standby mode. As can be seen in the image below, the study reveals that nearly half (44%) of the energy consumed by the Xbox One is spent in standby mode, while the PS4 uses nearly a third (32%).

"Most of that energy will be consumed in the middle of the night, when the console is in standby mode but still listening for voice commands, like the Xbox One, or using higher power than necessary to keep USB ports active, like the PS4," said NRDC.

The PS4 and Xbox One consume a lot more than the slim versions of their predecessors. However, the first versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 consumed a lot more than the PS4 and Xbox One, which means that in the future Sony and Microsoft might be able to incorporate energy-saving features, just how it was done with PS3 and Xbox 360.

If you have a next-gen console and high electric bills, removing the plug might be a start to reduce the bills a bit. Do you think that Sony and Microsoft should pay special attention to this "small" detail? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: vg247

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