Xbox One System Update Improves Speech Recognition and Volume Levels

By Jared Scott on May 19, 2014, 12:14PM EDT

A new system update for Microsoft's Xbox One is now available for download. Offering improved speech recognition for the Kinect and greater volume control over snapped apps, this update offers a more refined experience for Xbox One owners.

The voice recognition improvements are rather self-explanatory, but it's the volume control for apps that's rather interesting. In Display & Sound, under Settings, the Xbox team has added the features Sound mixer and Chat mixer. Sound mixer will allow users to adjust the volume of two snapped apps so that one does not overpower the others' volume. Chat mixer works similarly but affects the systems' volumes when using the Kinect for chat.

In their update summary, Microsoft reminded users how they can assist in improving the Kinect's speech recognition via speech data collection. To participate, simple go to Settings, select Privacy & Online Safety, navigate to the Privacy column, select Custom, and head to the far right until you find Share Voice which you should set to Allow. For those who aren't found of data collection, please be sure that this setting says otherwise.

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