E3 2014: EA Press Conference Live Blog

By Darryl Kaye on June 9, 2014, 3:57PM EDT

Phew, now that the Microsoft press conference has finished and we've seen a whole ton of games, it makes you even more enthused when you realise that EA have a load of stuff to showcase on their own.

We already know about Battlefield: Hardline, as it was revealed last week and Dragon Age: Inquisition was shown during Microsoft's press conference, but there are a few question marks out there with regards to Mirror's Edge 2 and a few other prospects from the mega-publisher.

Oh, and we are more than likely going to see some information on new iterations of their hugely successful sports franchises like FIFA, Madden and NBA. Plus, we will probably see more information about EA Sports UFC, which is due out in a few weeks time and is the talk of the town right now.

The conference starts in about 15 minutes, so be sure to buckle your seat belts and get ready for a ride that might not be all that bumpy, but will surely have a few surprises along the way.

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12:56 - And that's the show. Thanks for joining us.

12:55 - Wow, they are going all out on the Battlefield: Hardline beta - it's live right now!

12:54 - Now Sony are on stage to talk about how you can get into the Battlefield: Hardline beta.

12:53 - Yep, absolute chaos.

12:49 - Gameplay looks insane, loads of destruction, vehicles and chaos.

12:47 - 32-player multiple in a match of Heist, a new gameplay mode.

12:46 - Lots of talking about what makes Battlefield great, while talking about a new story.

12:44 - Looks like a a bit more from Battlefield: Hardline now.

12:42 - They are also doing a lot to immerse, with the pitch degrading over time and even corner flags being interactive.

12:40 - FIFA 15, where they are talking about emotional intelligence. Players will have memories.

12:39 - w00t, Mirror's Edge 2!

12:35 - Lots of screams from the audience following the Dawngate presentation, a nice touch.

12:33 - MOBA time, with Dawngate.

12:32 - Now we get a real-life montage about defense in the NFL.

12:30 - Tackling has also been redefined, to give players much more focus on how you take your opponents out.

12:29 - Madden NFL 15 will be more focussed on defense, with new defensive cameras and focus on blocking.

12:29 - EA Sports PGA Tour (no more Tiger Woods), will be using Frostbite 3.

12:28 - Now, Golf.

12:27 - They weren't lying when they said it was early. Lots of concept art and prototype footage being shown off.

12:27 - They are getting to work on a game... that isn''t Need for Speed. It's just a crazy game about vehicles and what you can do with them.

12:26 - This is a new era for Criterion, as they talk about their new work ethic.

12:25 - Criterion are up, and what we're going to see is apparently very early.

12:23 - Game looks great, with some fantastic visuals and physics on show.

12:23 - NHL15 on stage now.

12:22 - You get to see some real damage on the fighters, and it looks great.

12:20 - We now get to see a fight between Bruce Lee and BJ Penn.

12:20 - Brian Hayes talking about how they've been working on the game for 2 years.

12:19 - Yep, there it is with Dana White talking about his respect for Bruce Lee, along with Jon Jones and Anthony Pettis.

12:18 - Bruce Lee montage, looks like the precursor to EA Sports UFC.

12:16 - Bro who wrote bad poetry just got taken out by an old lady... right.

12:15 - It seems as though emotion is going to be a big factor in this new game.

12:14 - Now we're onto The Sims 4, where they are talking about the ability to control hearts.

12:13 - BioWare also working on a new IP, looks exciting.

12:12 - Lots of concepts being shown, from lots of different arenas.

12:12 - Mass Effect time.

12:09 - Or not, they're instead talking about the "tactical" approach, while introducing some of the main characters.

12:09 - That gameplay demo was very brief, but it looks like we are going to see more.

12:08 - Lots of people working together, as in classic Dragon Age, with different parts of the enemy being targeted.

12:07 - Looks like we're going to get a gameplay demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

12:06 - They're showing off some stunning vistas, all accompanied by some live music - touching.

12:05 - We're going to take a look first at Dragon Age: Inquisition, then look at two more games.

12:04 - Apparently they're going to be doing things differently in this conference.

12:02 - Yep, they've led with Star Wars: Battlefront, although no actual gameplay was shown yet, just different snippets of graphics.

12:02 - They're showing off some pretty awesome graphics, and talking about their strong relationship with LucasArts.

12:01 - And we're off! There's a montage taking place about Star Wars.

12:00 - It looks like EA are running a little bit late - hopefully it will start soon!

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