Mojang Releases and Details Latest Minecraft Screenshot

By Jared Scott on June 27, 2014, 6:09PM EDT

Mojang has released their latest Minecraft snapshot, labeled as snapshot 14w26c. This update will include fixes for bugs created by previous snapshots as well as optimizations and preparations for a plugin API.

Some of the bugs that have been fixed from the previous snapshots include mine-carts with furnace textures showing an active furnace even when its not powered, two-block tall grass and ferns not producing seeds when broken, and redstone torches breaking after each update.

Several bugs that were not caused by older snapshots are being fixed. These include fire-enchanted bows not activating TNT mine-carts, Guardians not dying when on land, Guardians swimming in lava, and the thunder volume not being affected in the weather volume settings.

General changes that users will find in snapshot 14w26c are the "worldborder/add" command, a new world generator for debugging, and some performance enhancements. These enhancements will help make way for a long-waited API plug-in.

For a full list of changes Mojang has brought to Minecraft with snapshot 14w26c, be sure to click here. Please note that these changes are not for the console editions of Minecraft.

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