Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Headed To iOS

By Jared Scott on June 5, 2014, 3:43PM EDT

Capcom released an early E3 trailer today focusing on a brand new port to the iOS: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This Monster Hunter port promises simplified controls, enhanced graphics, and Wi-Fi co-op.

The touch pad will be used to simplify the gameplay compared to the original PSP version. The iOS version will use flicking to move the camera, touch icons for attack, running speed, and dodging, and item selection. Some modern features will be implemented into the game as well, such as target lock-on and monster tracking. Visuals have also been smoothed, out removing jagged edges. Perhaps the biggest feature to the game will be online co-op, a feature that has been challenging in the past for the handheld Monster Hunter games.

Though a release date was not given, gamers can expect the game to make an appearance at E3 in less than one week.

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