New Trailer Released For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

By Jared Scott on June 5, 2014, 4:37PM EDT

Capcom has released another early E3 video, this time for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Showing off new monsters, areas, and weapons, Capcom seems determined to make a splash in the Western market once again with the Monster Hunter franchise.

This particular trailer focused a lot on a returning monster from past games: the Tigrex. Known for his wild and intimidating behavior, he seems to have only grown more ferocious since his last appearance. The Insect Glaive and Charge Blade weapons also made an appearance as they bashed in the skulls of powerful opponents. Capcom once again took the opportunity to remind players that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will feature online multiplayer, a feature often lacking in past portable titles.

Slated for a release early 2015, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will make an appearance this E3 with the demo live streamed each day of the event.

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