Ubisoft Talks DRM and Piracy

By Jared Scott on June 20, 2014, 12:25PM EDT

DRM and its purpose to stop piracy has become a debated topic amongst both gamers and developers as to whether or not its worth the time, effort, and the extra load time it can cause a game. Ubisoft decided to comment on why they believe DRM won't stop piracy and what a better solution to piracy is.

Chris Early, Ubisoft's VP of digital publishing, acknowledged that DRM can become a hassle for gamers and stated that "anything is going to be able to pirated given enough time and enough effort... So the question becomes, what do we create as services, or as benefits, and the quality of the game, that will just have people want to pay for it?"

Chris Early also made a statement similar to that of Markus Pearson's, the creator of Minecraft, stating that many of those who pirate games had not intention of buying the game to begin with, so to say that a pirated game costs a company money is not accurate.

The VP of digital publishing also gave a suggestion on how to combat piracy in the gaming industry. "I think it's much more important for us to focus on making a great game and delivering good services. The reality is, the more service there is in a game, pirates don't get that. So when it's a good game and there's good services around it, you're incentivized to not pirate the game to get the full experience."

Piracy certainly is an ongoing problem in the gaming industry. With Wolfenstein: The New Order reported to have been pirated over 100,000 times in its first week, one can only wonder if piracy will truly ever end.

Source: GameSpot

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