DriveClub PS4 Bundle Coming To Europe Later This Year

By Jared Scott on July 8, 2014, 6:17PM EDT

The European PlayStation.Blog revealed today that there will be a new PS4 bundle arriving before the end of the year. The bundle will included the game DriveClub and will save gamers roughly 20€.

The PS4 itself contains a 500GB hard drive while the copy of DriveClub will be a physical disk, not a digital download. There are no other bonuses included in the bundle as others in the past such as a PlayStation Plus membership or digital movie, but with a price tag of €439.99, it's still a fair savings.

Alongside the release of DriveClub will be a free PlayStation Plus version of the game which will include 10 cars, five tracks, and full access to offline and online features. Evolution Studios has also been proud to brag on their dynamic weather system which is promised to impress players and provide an enjoyable experience.Drive

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