Fatal Frame 5 Makes Its Way To Japan on Wii U This September

By Jared Scott on July 17, 2014, 8:46AM EDT
Wii U

The latest installment to the Fatal Frame franchise, known as Zero in Japan, is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii U. Koei Tecmo, the game's developer, promises that this will be the largest Fatal Frame game to ever be released.

The official title of the game is Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko, which roughly translates to Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden. The protagonist is a young girl by the name of Kozukata Yuuri. She is asked by the spirits of the departed to assist them in returning to the real world. To do so, she is instructed to visit Mount Hikamiyama, a place that promises death to those who wish it if they arrive in the dead of night. Water appears to be a heavy component in the game as it is both in the game's trailer and flows out of Mount Hikamiyama itself.

Gameplay-wise, the Wii U's gamepad will serve as the Camera Obscura, a device used to capture violent spirits. Similarly with the Nintendo 3DS installment of the series, Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, players will move the gamepad around to search for ghosts.

Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko will release exclusivley in Japan on September 27th.

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