Killzone: Shadow Fall Receives Two Free Multiplayer Maps

By Mike Sousa on July 22, 2014, 7:30PM EDT

Guerrilla Games has announced that two new multiplayer maps have been released for Killzone: Shadow Fall. These two new maps, which can be downloaded for free, are: The Terminal and Stormgracht.

The Terminal is set inside the vast partition wall on the New Helghan side of No Man's Land, and will feature a armory control center, huge automated AA guns, as well as several rail systems, through which the trains run at high speed. Being a map with several platforms and floors to explore and trains to dodge, The Terminal will surely put the players' navigational skills to the test.

Stormgracht will take place on a toxic industrial area of New Helghan, a maze filled with junk brought by floodwaters over the passing of years. With a manmade reservoir, which can be opened at any time, players will need to be careful and get to safe ground in order to not get caught in the raging torrents. This map also features multiple routes including tunnels and pipes, allowing players to take a more stealthy approach against opponents. This map was designed in order to test the players' tactical abilities to the extreme.

Both maps are already available in North America, launching tomorrow, July 23, in Europe.

Source: Playstation Blog

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