League of Legends Will End Skin Codes July 23

By Jared Scott on July 14, 2014, 6:06PM EDT

In an effort to further end unfavorable behavior in the League of Legends community, Riot Games will end skin codes prior to this past April. Riot Games hopes that this decision will put an end to the reselling of character skins and fraud.

This will not effect skins that are sold through League of Legends themselves, but those that are printed out on cards. Printed codes, which were often made available at conventions, tended to be very limited and therefore valuable. Because of this, buying a printed code could run up over $1,000. It was also not uncommon for the buyer to become a victim of fraud.

For those who may have obtained a printed skin code before April, you have until July 23rd to redeem it. Afterwards, the code will be invalid.

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