Metrico Arrives On PlayStation Vita Early August

By Jared Scott on July 17, 2014, 8:31AM EDT

Indie games seem to have comfortably made their new home on Sony's PS Vita, which makes it no surprise that a new neighbor is preparing to join them. Called Metrico, gamers will be taken on a musical journey proliferated with ever-changing environments and simplistic graphics.

Living up to the indie name, Metrico brings a unique experience to the table. Taking control of a silhouette, players will travel across platform environments that are connected to both your actions and music. For example, having your character jump may cause a platform to move away from you while landing may both create a musical sound effect and cause pyramids in the background to grow. Some of the levels shown off in the game's trailer included a purple desert, a land composed of various graphs, and a monochrome world filled with dynamic, geometric angles.

Metrico is currently set for release August 6th exclusively in Europe.

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