Patapons Arrive on Destiny of Spirits For The PS Vita

By Jared Scott on July 11, 2014, 5:26PM EDT

Destiny of Spirits, a free-to-play game for the PlayStation Vita, is offering a set of 22 new summons for a limited time. Each of these summons come directly from the PSP title, Patapon 3.

Since these are considered rare summons, acquiring the brave warriors will require 30 Destiny Orbs. The orbs can be acquired in two ways. One is to pay with actual currency while the other is having a PlayStation Plus subscription. Having this subscription will net you 35 Destiny Orbs per month.

Destiny of Spirits is a turn-based game that emphasizes social co-operation by having players around the world trade their spirits with one another. The game also detects the literal distance the system has traveled with its owner and uses this to "hunt" and add spirits to the game.

This offer will only last 40 days. After that, the brave Patapon warriors will be no more.

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