Sega Expands Mobile Market To The West

By Jared Scott on July 7, 2014, 4:51PM EDT

While the mobile market has become a popular medium for many game companies, Sega has often kept their smartphone games exclusively in Japan. But, after signing a deal with Asian publisher Gumi, Sega Networks will soon bring these titles to the West starting with Chain Chronicle.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Gumi is known as one of the largest mobile/social game developers and publishers in the Asian market. Further cementing the partnership between the two companies, Sega recently purchased stock from Gumi.

Many of Sega's mobile games are built around the free-to-play format. Chain Chronicle, which follows this format, was chosen to be the first title brought over from Japan due to its immense success. In fact, Chain Chronicle created such positive results that Sega made the decision to pour more resources into the mobile games department and to also create more Chain Chronicle titles.

Chain Chronicle is slated to release later this year on mobile devices in North America, Europe, and South Asia.

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