Sony To Offer Games And PS Plus Subscriptions As Part Of $15m Settlement Following 2011 PSN Hack

By Mike Sousa on July 25, 2014, 8:57AM EDT

Despite offering a Welcome Back pack to every user following PSN's security breach, it looks like Sony will further compensate their fans. Sony has recently agreed to offer $15 million worth of content as compensation to all North American users that were affected by the PSN hack.

At the moment, this compensation is only confirmed for North American users that had an active account at any time to prior to May 15, 2011. Users will be able to chose one free game from a list of 14 PS3 and PSP titles, three PS3 themes from a list of six, or a three month PS Plus subscription. Those that didn't claim the Welcome Back pack will be able to chose two of the options above.

In addition to the PSN services, Sony will also be compensating users for other affected subscription services, including Netflix and Hulu Plus. As for holders of a Sony Online Entertainment account, these will receive $4.50 worth of Station Cash. In addition, Qriocity account holders will also be entitled to receive one free month of Music Unlimited.

Sony's security breach in 2011 resulted not only in the network being down for several weeks, but in the theft of names, addresses, and credit card data from 77 million user accounts as well.

Source: Polygon

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