Teaser Site For Final Fantasy Record Keeper Appears

By Jared Scott on July 16, 2014, 11:32AM EDT

A new game will soon join the Final Fantasy family in the form of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. Featuring characters from past titles as well as a mysterious silhouette, Square Enix is holding off any concrete details until tomorrow.

On it's website is a slideshow of many notable Final Fantasy heroes such as Cloud, Rosa, Bartz, Balthier, and Squall. There is also a countdown timer which suggest that more details will be revealed on Thursday 3 p.m. CST.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper will be developed by DeNa, a mobile platform developer. Also known under the name Mobage, DeNa has provided a large amount of titles to the mobile market such as The Gate, Blood Brothers RPG, Super Battle Tactics, and World of Thingies.

While the last unique Final Fantasy title Square Enix developed for mobile platforms, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, was not well received, perhaps DeNa can provide something of much better quality.

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