Battlefield 4's September Update To Deliver New Tweaks And Improvements

By Mike Sousa on August 10, 2014, 9:00PM EDT

DICE has revealed all the major changes that will be featured in Battlefield 4's September update. The producer has been focusing its attention on the community's feedback and what aspects of the game had to be improvied, and this update comes as a result of that.

To start off in this long list of changes, general improvements and tweaks have been made to the following game modes: Rush, Obliteration, Obliteration Competitive, Capture the Flag and Carrier Assault. Visual recoil will also see some changes, with close and medium range optic reticules not moving with the gun any longer. Soldier movement is now similar to how it was in Battlefield 3, which makes it easier to get away from undesirable firefights.

Regarding the game's connection issues, Netcode Improvements are also included in this update, which will make ping differences, trade kills and kills behind cover less of an issue by lowering the time allowed to damage on the client side. As for gameplay elements, weapons have been balanced and vehicles nerfed. Other improvements include easier revive mechanics and more options regarding the HUD Triage.

Other changes and additions might be still be in the works, with the game's final DLC releasing later this year. What do you think of this update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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