Crystal Dynamics Talks About Rise Of The Tomb Raider's Exclusivity Announcement

By Mike Sousa on August 26, 2014, 5:37PM EDT

Two weeks after Gamescom 2014, Crystal Dynamics has finally broken its silence regarding Rise of the Tomb Raider's exclusivity deal. The producer explained more details and answered several questions regarding the whole announcement in a new FAQ.

According to Crystal Dynamics, it was never their intention to create any confusion with the exclusivity announcement of the game. With the current partnership between Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft, the latter's conference was the perfect opportunity to announce it, but it wasn't the best place to go into details. "Our goal is to build the best game that we possibly can, and our relationship with Microsoft will help us realize our vision for the game," said Crystal Dynamics.

When asked about the game's exclusivity period and the possibility of the title coming to PS4 and PC, Crystal Dynamics' answer was very similar to Xbox's Phil Spencer. "Yes, our deal with Microsoft has a duration. We aren't discussing details of the deal, and are focused on delivering a great game on Xbox One and Xbox 360."

Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation Worldwide Studios' boss, has said last week that he hopes that Rise of the Tomb Raider will eventually come to PS4.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Holiday 2015.

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