Dragon Fantasy Book I Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS

By Jared Scott on August 5, 2014, 10:12PM EDT

Released on iOS in 2011 and remastered for the PS3 and PS Vita in 2013, Dragon Fantasy Book I is being prepped for a Nintendo 3DS release. Just as with the Sony versions of the game, Dragon Fantasy Book I will receive several improvements for Nintendo's popular handheld.

In order to encourage exploration within the world of Westeria, random battles have been replaced with a more rogue-like system with exception to traveling the world map. When in dungeons, caves, towns, and so forth, monsters will be visible and will take a step each time the player does. This will help players avoid battles more easily.

Some other additions to the game include allies, a quest log, in-game map, the ability to purchase multiple items at once, a bestiary, and an revamped inventory system for sorting and filtering. Many of these features can be accessed using the bottom screen of the 3DS and 2DS. Dragon Fantasy Book I will also feature an optional stereoscopic 3D.

With the third and final Book of Dragon Fantasy in the works, it's possible that the Nintendo 3DS will also see a port of Dragon Fantasy Book II. Be sure to read our reviews of both Dragon Fantasy Book I and Book II on the PS3 and PlayStation Vita.

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