Gamescom 2014: DriveClub Trailer Shows Dynamic Weather And Social Features

By Mike Sousa on August 14, 2014, 4:20PM EDT

Being one of the most assured presences at Sony's conference, DriveClub took the stage with a new trailer. During the trailer we got to see some of the features of the PS4 exclusive, including the dynamic weather system and social features.

There's a lot more in DriveClub than just crossing the finish line first, even thought this earn you a lot of points. You also get points for driving with flair or expert precision, and accolades for each of your cars and club. Face-offs for drifting, speeding and nailing the racing line, will earn you fame, which helps you unlock new cars and liveries for you and your club.

"When you do cross the finish line, you can start something new with your friends by creating a challenge. Who you include is up to you, but it pays to get as many drivers and clubs involved as possible, because the rewards become bigger when more people take part," said Sony.

"You can even set up the challenge so that everyone involved can invite the drivers and clubs they want to join in, sparking new friendships and rivalries and giving your challenge the chance to go viral."

DriveClub launches on the 7th of October in North America and on the 8th of October in Europe.

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