Gamescom 2014: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Will Have Exclusive Content On PS4

By Mike Sousa on August 14, 2014, 9:08PM EDT

During Sony's conference at Gamescom, it was announced that Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will have exclusive content on PS4. The announcement was made right before the new trailer for the game was revealed, which can be seen below.

Those that pre-order the game, no matter which console, will automatically receive the Dark Ranger character skin and Test of Power Challenge mode. Those the pre-order the PS4 version of the game will also receive the PlayStation Legion Edition missions, which features "some of the greatest champions of the Dark Lord's legions".

"In these exclusive missions, you'll go head-to-head with the deadly Blood Hunters, and the fearsome Flesh Burners, two of the most savage Warbands in all of Mordor (and two groups of hunters determined to personally bring your head to Sauron)," said Sony via PlayStation Blog.

"The Blood Hunters are master assassins, dispatched at high value targets of the Dark Lord. They travel in packs, and can smell your blood on the air. Hide from them if you choose, but they will find you. Should you eliminate them you'll earn the Stinging Blade Rune to aid in your fight against the mighty Uruk hordes of Mordor.

"The Flesh Burners are a band of elite archers that enjoy nothing more than to hear the screams of their victims as they writhe in pain over an open fire. They're masters of the crossbow, firing innumerable flaming arrows at their foes. Should you be able to take them down, you'll gain The Black Arrow Rune."

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 30th of September. The PC version will arrive on the 2nd of October.

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