Gamescom 2014: Q Games Announces The Tomorrow Children

By Mike Sousa on August 13, 2014, 9:58PM EDT

The producer of the PixelJunk franchise, Q Games, announced at Sony's Gamescom conference its new game, The Tomorrow Children.

The game features an an aesthetic inspired by the Soviet republic and the story focuses on a future where scientific experiments made in Russia during the 60s in order to improve the human race were a failure and decimated mankind. After 90 years of rebuilding, the remaining humans created the player, with its objective being to venture into "The Void" to be able to restore the human race to its former glory.

These remaining humans survivors have also created a society based on Marxist ideals from the 60s. Players will start as a proletariat class citizen, and by completing tasks you will receive state coupons, which can be used to obtain better abilities. Exploration is the key to success in the game, as mining for materials is essential to defend towns against the monsters roaming in the void.

"The human race will only survive if we cooperate, and as you do things your projection will become briefly visible in other player's realities. Everything you do to manipulate the world is shared with everyone else in each stage," said Dylan Cuthbert, Q Games' boss.

You can check the game's trailer below. A release for The Tomorrow Children remains unknown.

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