Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Won't Include European Dubs

By Mike Sousa on August 20, 2014, 3:56PM EDT

During Gamescom 2014, Spanish gaming website Meristation had the opportunity to interview Tai Yasue, the Kingdom Hearts co-director. In this interview Yasue discussed a few details regarding Kingdom Hearts 2.5, the possibility of releasing these collections on other platforms, and ideas for Kingdom Hearts III.

Starting with Kingdom Hearts 2.5, Yasue confirmed that the title won't include any European dubs, such as Spanish or German. He states that the reason for this is the fact that with the exception of the standard Kingdom Hearts 2 version, the remaining content included in this collection was only available with english dubs. Yasue continues by saying that having a portion of the game with spanish dubs and another with english dubs would be "very weird."

Regarding Kingdom Hearts 2.5's presentation, the co-director revealed that Birth by Sleep has received a visual update with texture recreation in order to adjust to a better resolution. As for Kingdom Hearts 2, Yasue only mentions that the original resolution was 4:3 while in the remastered version will be changed to 16:9.

With Kingdom Hearts III coming to Xbox One, Meristation also made a few questions regarding the possibility of these collections being released on Xbox platforms or even on PS4. Yasue answered by saying that it was a lot easier and cheaper to adapt the PS2/PSP titles to the PS3 in comparision to the other consoles. He also added that releasing these collections on other platforms isn't out of Square Enix's plans yet, but we "can forget about being released in digital format on PS4 and Xbox One."

Kingdom Hearts X[chi] was also discussed in this interview, where Yasue confirmed that Square Enix has no plans to bring the game to the west, but it's storyline is relevant to the rest of the series. As for Kingdom Hearts III, Yosue expressed his interest in Frozen bring present in the game by saying that "he likes everything related to making elements through ice." Regarding Final Fantasy characters, he stated that the Final Fantasy VII characters that never appeared before in the series are the main candidates to appear in Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 will be available on the 2nd of December in North America, and on the 5th of December in Europe.

Source: Meristation

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