Mario Kart 8 To Receive The Legend Of Zelda And Animal Crossing DLC Packs

By Mike Sousa on August 27, 2014, 4:10PM EDT
Wii U

Nintendo has announced that Mario Kart 8 will receive two DLC packs, The Legend of Zelda X Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing X Mario Kart 8. The Legend of Zelda pack launches this November, while the Animal Crossing pack will be available in May 2015.

The Legend of Zelda X Mario Kart 8 Pack will introduce Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Link as playbale characters, while Animal Crossing X Mario Kart 8 will feature Villager, Isabelle and Dry Bowser as new racers. Each pack will also include eight new tracks and four vehicles.

The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing packs will be available for £7/€8 each, or £11/€12 if bought together in a bundle. Those that pre-order these packs will automatically receive eight different coloured Yoshis and eight different coloured Shy Guys.

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