Nintendo Direct: Hyrule Warrirors Includes Three Playable Villains

By Jared Scott on August 5, 2014, 11:17AM EDT
Wii U

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct focused solely on the upcoming Wii U title, Hyrule Warriors. One of the many announcements made was that three villains from The Legend of Zelda series would be playable in Hyrule Warriors: Ganondorf, Zant, and Ghirahim.

While Ganondorf makes an appearance in most of The Legend of Zelda games, Zant and Ghirahim are rather new additions to the franchise. Zant made his first appearance in Twilight Princess as an usurper in the Twilight Kingdom, while Ghirahim served as the protagonist in Skyward Sword.

One final piece of news that Nintendo gave concerning Ganondorf is that registering a copy of Hyrule Warriors on Club Nintendo will land players the Ganondorf Legacy Costume Set. However, the registration must be done by October 17th.

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