Pokémon Art Academy Releases In North America On October 24

By Mike Sousa on August 23, 2014, 6:24PM EDT

Nintendo has announced that Pokémon Art Academy will launch in North America on the 24th of October. The Pokémon art instruction game was released in Japan back in June, and has been available in Europe since last month.

This pokémon spin-off will allow players players to draw their favourite pokémon with the help of several instructional elements of the Art Academy series. The game includes 40 different lessons that teach players how to illustrate pokémons such as Pikachu, Torchic, Fennekin and Charizard, among others. When you are done, you can share your drawings through Miiverse or print them.

"Drawing their way toward graduation "” from the art basics of simple shapes and coloring, to exciting advanced techniques of shading and blending "” players will wield a variety of tools, including markers, colored pencils, pastels and paints to illustrate popular Pokémon from all known regions," reads the game's description. "As they advance, players can unlock special lessons featuring Mega-Evolved Pokémon."

Pokémon Art Academy will be available at retail and on Nintendo eShop for $40.

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