Standalone Xbox One Kinect Available This October

By Mike Sousa on August 30, 2014, 1:49PM EDT

Ever since the Xbox One's launch, the fact that Microsoft's console was more expensive than the PS4 has been a main reason the PS4 is 'winning the race' between these two home consoles. As a solution to this problem, Microsoft made the decision to release an Xbox One version without Kinect for the same price as the PS4, while the Kinect would be sold as a standalone item.

With the Xbox One without Kinect now available on the market, Microsoft has announced that the standalone Kinect will be available in North America and Europe on the 7th of October. In addition, those that purchase this standalone Kinect will also receive a code to download Dance Central: Spotlight.

Xbox One players will be able to purchase the Xbox One Kinect for $149.99/£129.99.

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