Warframe Coming To Xbox One Next Month

By Mike Sousa on August 19, 2014, 11:13PM EDT

Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe, a cooperative third-person shooter, will launch on Xbox One on the 2nd of September. The game is already available on PS4 and PC since last year, and is proving itself to be a success among players, with over 10 million players registered already.

Warframe features four different factions including Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and Tenno, with the latter being the one controlled by the player. The game also offers a wide variety in mission objectives by offering 13 different mission types, such as Assassination, Defense, Survival, Sabotage, among others.

Warframe will be available to download for free, but only those that have a Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to play it.

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