Far Cry 4 Season Pass Content Detailed, Campaign's Length Revealed

By Mike Sousa on October 20, 2014, 5:05PM EDT

Ubisoft has detailed the content that will be feature in Far Cry 4's Season Pass. By purchasing the Season Pass, which will cost £23.99/$29.99/€29,99, players will get access to single-player missions, cooperative missions, and PvP content.

The single-player and co-op content includes four packs: The Syringe, Escape from Durgesh Prison, Hurk Deluxe Pack and Valley of the Yetis. The Syringe, which will be available at launch, tasks players with preventing a rare and potent drug recipe from falling in Pagan Min's hands, while in Escape from Durgesh Prison players will take control of Ajay and Hurk as they survive and escape Yuma's prison. The Hurk Deluxe Pack includes new weapons and five missions where you take control of Hurk. Finally, the Valley of the Yetis will basically work similar to a survival mode, during daytime players will need to find tools to upgrade their camp and protect it at night.

As for the PvP content, there is only one pack included in the Season Pass, Overrun. In Overrun, players will team up with either Rakshasa or Golden Path, and they are tasked with controling a series of neutral locations across Kyrat's countryside while preventing enemies from taking control of these locations.

In addition, Far Cry 4 Narrative Director Mark Thompson has stated that the game's campaign will take players between 15 and 60 hours to complete. "Because we know the game can take people anywhere between 15 and 60 hours to complete, we didn't want people just to see Pagan Min everywhere," Thompson told IGN.

"We wanted the world to feel like it was owned by someone, we wanted you to feel Pagan Min everywhere. But, specifically, region to region, we have a different character who owns it, and that kind of colors the outposts, the side-quests, the specific characters and personalities."

Far Cry 4 will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in North America and Europe on the 18th of November.

Source: IGN

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