Football Manager 2015 Release Date Revealed

By Mike Sousa on October 10, 2014, 8:16PM EDT

Sega announced that Football Manager 2015 launches worldwide on the 7th of November for Windows PC, Mac and Linus. A release date for the iOS and Android version wasn't revealed.

In Football Manager 2015, players will have the option to chose what kind of manager they want be, one that focuses on training the team, one that decides which tactics to use in the game, a mix of both, among other options. This offers players a much more personal and customisable experience.

"Football management is a multi-faceted role nowadays and many of the new features in FM15 reflect this," said Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive's boss. "Whether a manager wants to be old school, or a head coach, they can now dictate this from the very start of their managerial career - and improve their skills throughout by taking virtual coaching badges."

Along with this announcement, Sports Interactive has also released a new video explaining the new features that will be included in the game.

Those that pre-order the game are granted access to the game's beta, which will begin two weeks before Football Manager 2015's release. Carrers that players start on the beta will be carried over to the full game.

Source: Eurogamer

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