Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Vs. PS3 Comparison Gifs Show The Improvements Of Current Gen Versions

By Mike Sousa on September 15, 2014, 2:11PM EDT

A screenshot galery showing the differences between the PS3 and PS4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V has appeared online. These easily highlight several of the improvements featured in the PS4 version, including more vibrant colours, enhanced image clarity, improved lighting and shadows, and mode detailed textures and character models.

Following the announcement of the release date for PS4 and Xbox One and the delay of the PC version, Rockstar has stated that the delay was necessary in order to deliver a polished and amazing experience. "We're glad to see so many of you are excited for the upcoming release of the new versions of GTAV and we look forward to sharing more details with you soon," said Rockstar.

"We are also incredibly excited to be bringing GTAV to the PC, but the game requires a little more development time in order to ensure that it is as amazing and polished as possible. Please do stay tuned as we reveal new features and information about all the new versions in the weeks ahead."

Grant Theft Auto V launches worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on the 18th of November. The PC version will be available on the 27th of January.

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