Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Now Available On iPad

By Mike Sousa on September 30, 2014, 10:56AM EDT

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online launches worldwide today for iPad, the Pokémon Company announced. Players can download the app on their devices for free.

"Have fun learning and mastering the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online! Practice against the computer or go head to head with your friends or other players from around the world. Unlock cards and decks as you play to build up your collection and make truly unique decks. Your decks and card collection are stored as a part of your Pokémon Trainer Club account, allowing you to switch between iPad and desktop with ease," says the game's description.

When starting the game, players will have the option to choose between a Grass, Fire, or Water deck. Players can then expand their collection of cards by playing matches, opening booster packs, trading cards with other players, and even by purchasing real-world Trading Card Game. Nintendo also promised that the game will be updated regularly with amazing new cards.

Unfortunatelly, Pokémon Trading Card Game also feature some limitations. An Internet connection and an iPad with Retina display are required in order to play the game.

Source: itunes

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