Rocksteady Wants Batman: Arkham Knight To Be The 'Ultimate Batman' Game

By Mike Sousa on October 2, 2014, 1:23PM EDT

Rocksteady Studios, the developer of Batman: Arkham Knight, revealed at EGX 2014 that the team is determined to deliver the "ultimate Batman" game. Speaking with IGN, Guy Perkins, Rocksteady's marketing manager, explained how the series has evolved ever since Batman: Arkham Asylum.

"We try to create that very cinematic story-telling experience through the game. Obviously Asylum was the starting point for that, but the intimate cat-and-mouse gameplay between the Joker and Batman really demanded it took place in the pressure cooker of the Asylum," said Perkins.

"So that had its place for that story, but then we took that into the open world to give players the next piece of the Batman armour as it were, which is the grappling gun and the ability to glide. The introduction of those pieces really required a bigger game world to support them, but then the big thing that was always missing for us was the Batmobile. It was always missing but wouldn't have worked in Asylum or City, so to build an open-world around that was crucial."

When discussing how Arkham Knight's nerrative and Joker's absence will affect the gameplay, Perkins stated that "the death of the Joker at the end of Arkham City has created a different world for the criminals of Arkham Knight. He's not there to disrupt the things they're doing, so you have to imagine a world where he's not there and not causing that chaos. They can get organised, work together and offer a more formidable challenge. He's at the peak of his powers, but without his nemesis there to cock things up for everyone else then they get the chance to be a bit stronger, a bit braver and do things differently."

"If people walk away thinking this is the ultimate Batman simulator, then our job is complete, we gave them Gotham City, we gave them Batman at the height of his powers and we gave them the Batmobile. I think those three elements come together to make a great game."

Batman: Arkham Knight launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 2nd of June.

Source: IGN

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