NISA Announces Release Date For Genshiken Second Generation

By Andrew McDanell on November 9, 2014, 2:37PM EDT

NIS America has announced the release date for Genshiken Second Generation, the third installment of the Genshiken series. Releasing on February 3rd, this series kicks off a new semester with returning faces and a crazy new cast.

This release of the series will come in a Premium Edition that includes 2 Blu-ray discs with 16 minutes of bonus shorts. Also included in the box is a 64-page hardcover art book featuring an episode guide, character info, interviews, otaku terminology guide, and gorgeous full color illustrations.

Returning once again to Shiiou University, the "Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture," or Genshiken for short, kicks off a new semester by hunting down some new members. The current president, Chika Ogiue, finds herself biting off more than she can chew as she manages to round up a band of yaoi-obsessed girls. While mayhem is unfolding, original members of Genshiken are coming to terms with their new lives as productive members of society.

There's plenty here for new and old fans alike as the show deals with the more silly side to the otaku world while also revisiting old friends and exploring their troubles moving forward. Reserve your copy today by pre-ordering at NIS America's online store, Right Stuf, Collector's Anime, Anime Pavilion, or The Anime Corner Store.

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