Watch Dogs Wii U Will Receive Two DLC Packs

By Mike Sousa on November 18, 2014, 5:27PM EDT
Wii U

Ubisoft is slowly stoping to support the Wii U, with Watch Dogs' delay on the platform being an example of that. Although it had previously stated that the game's DLC wouldn't be released for Wii U, Ubisoft has revealed that Wii U players will receive two DLC packs after all.

The first pack, which is entitled Conspiracy!, adds a new Digital Trip. "People aren't always what they seem. In this case, they're cyborgs from space. Don't believe me? Try plugging in the Conspiracy! Digital Trip and we'll talk after. You've got a specific lens to see their real faces. Find them, identify them, and kill them," said Ubisoft.

The second pack that will be available for Wii U players is the Access Granted Pack. This pack includes three new missions, six extra skins and some additional perks for Pearce.

Unfortunately, the Wii U version of Watch Dogs won't receive the Bad Blood DLC, which adds a new story focusing on Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney.

A release date and price for these two DLC packs has yet to be revealed. Watch Dogs launched on Wii U today in North America and will be available in European countires on the 21st of November.

Source: Polygon

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