Atlus Confirms Persona 5's Release On PS4 & PS3 Next Year

By Shawn Collier on December 6, 2014, 3:44PM EDT

After the PS4 release announcement in Japan for Persona 5, many were left wondering when Atlus USA would officially announce the version for western audiences alongside their previous announcement of the PS3 version. Well, today's your day as Atlus has announced the PS4 version for western release at this weekend's PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas.

Outside of a new trailer for the game, the only other news for western fans of the series is that it will have a TBA 2015 release date in North America and will release sometime relatively soon after the Japanese release. Not much news on the game has been announced in either territory, but with the release coming up next year it's likely more information about the game will be announced soon.

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