Founder of Xbox Live Leaves Microsoft

By Jared Scott on December 29, 2014, 7:43PM EDT

Boyd Multerer, the Xbox Director of Development, announced his leave from Microsoft today via Twitter. Multerer worked for the computer and gaming giant for twenty years and contributed to Microsoft in many ways including the founding of Microsoft's programming language XNA and designing the Xbox One.

Multerer began his work for Microsoft in 1994 as a contract worker before becoming a full-time employee three years later. After the launch of Xbox Live in 2002, Multerer began his work on the XNA language which was targeted towards indie developers. Before working on the Xbox One's design, he spent time leading the Xbox 360 operating system teams.

Boyd Multerer had his hands in many of the components that made the Xbox brand great. While gamers may not be familiar with his name, his hard work can still be seen today as fellow gamers enjoy online competitions between one another and developers code away in a programming language made just for them.

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