Battlefield Hardline Beta Begins Next Week

By Mike Sousa on January 30, 2015, 9:55AM EST

Electronic Arts has announced that Battlefield Hardline's open multiplayer beta, which will be available on all platforms, will start next week, on the 3rd of February. Players will be able to experience the cops-vs-robbers multiplayer until Sunday, February 8.

During the beta, players will be given access to three of Battlefield Hardline's game modes: Hotwire, Conquest and Heist. These modes are all going to be playable across a variety of maps, including Downtown, Dust Bowl and Bank Job.

Players will also be able to use of the most innovating multiplayer features, the Hacker mode. This feature lets players hack security cameras in order to find the enemy's location and identify areas that the teams needs to either to attack or defend.

"There's nothing more valuable to our team than the relationship we have with our community. Their passion feeds our passion and their feedback has definitely helped make Hardline a better game. We want them to play the hell out of the beta next week and trust that they'll keep that feedback coming so we can continue to fine tune the game," said Steve Papoutsis, Battlefield Hardline's producer.

Battlefield Hardline launches on the 17th of March in North America and on the 20th of March in Europe.

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