New Nintendo 3DS Releases In North America And Europe On February 13

By Mike Sousa on January 15, 2015, 12:17PM EDT

Nintendo announced that the New Nintendo 3DS is finally coming to both North America and Europe next month, on the 13th of February. Nintendo's handheld has been available in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, since last year.

The New Nintendo 3DS model will features an upgraded CPU, which will considerably boost the handheld's performance. However, the inclusion of this upgraded CPU means that games devepoled specifically for these new models won't be compatible with existing versions of the handheld, with one example of that being Xenoblade Chronicles.

The 3D support of these models has also been improved by reducing the image distortion, which allows players to enjoy the 3D effects from a wider range of angles. Other additions of these models include a second analogue stick, built-in C-stick and additional ZR and ZL shoulder buttons.

There will be two models that players in Europe can pick up, the standard New Nintendo 3DS for £149.99/169.99€ or the New Nintendo 3DS XL for £179.99/199.99€. The New Nintendo 3DS XL appears to be the only model that will be available in North America, with players being able to purchase it for $199.99.

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