Hard Mode Coming To Dying Light, Season Pass Detailed

By Mike Sousa on February 12, 2015, 7:12PM EST

Techland announced that Dying Light will be receiving several free content updates in the upcoming months, starting with the introduction of Hard Mode in March. This update will also includes new characters outfits and several gameplay improvements.

According to the developer, hard mode will feature ramped up difficulty at night, deadlier and more vicious foes, less resources and supplies, and increased need for stealth and silence.

"A few gamers have already finished Dying Light and are asking for more. So we're going to give our community a new challenge that will put everything they learnt in the game to the test," said Tymon Smektala, Dying Light's producer. "Hard Mode is exactly that. We're aiming to have it out around the start of March, if not sooner. Depends on how brutal we wanna make this on people."

In addition, Techland has also detailed the DLC packs that will be included in the Season Pass, which includes the 'Cuisine & Cargo' pack, the 'Ultimate Survivor Bundle', and 'The Bozak Horde'. As weird as it sounds, these packs will be included for free if players decide to pre-order the game from specific retailers. At the moment, the Cuisine & Cargo pack and Ultimate Survivor Bundle can be obtained for free by pre-ordering the game from either Amazon or ShopTo, with other selected retailers making different offers.

The Cuisine & Cargo DLC, which is already available for players, adds two new missions that let players investigate buildings sealed off in the very first days of the outbreak. The Ultimate Survivor Bundle, which is expected to launch in March, will offer players three special outfits and four blueprints to create powerfull weapons. The Bozak Horde, which will release sometime in May, will add a new map, that's playable in both single player and co-op, where players will have to survive against relentless hordes of the Infected.

For those that don't live North America, the retail version of Dying Light will launch on the 27th of February.

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