Sony Doesn't Guarantee That DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Will Ever Be Released

By Mike Sousa on February 23, 2015, 3:17PM EDT

Many have probably been waiting for DriveClub: PS Plus Edition, but unfortunately, the wait might in fact be for nothing. In a recent interview with UK newspaper Metro, SCEE president Jim Ryan admitted that he can't guarantee that the PS Plus Edition of DriveClub will ever be released.

Questioned if the free edition of DriveClub was still in the works, Ryan said "that's still being looked at." He went even further when asked if could he guarantee that it would ever be released, and added that he "can't say anything at this stage."

The DriveClub: PS Plus Edition was originally supposed to have been released alongside the full game. This edition was delayed due to the game's several launch problems. Over the last months, both Sony and Evolution Studios stated several times that it would be released as soon as all of DriveClub's problems were fixed.

With the developer stating earlier this month that there was still a lot of work to be done on the PS Plus Edition, we can only hope that this is nothing more than a big delay.

Source: Metro UK

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