Etrian Mystery Dungeon DLC Free For First Month, Paid 3DS Theme Announced

By Shawn Collier on March 23, 2015, 10:29PM EDT

Alongside a new character trailer video, Atlus has announced that for the first month of Etrian Mystery Dungeon's release players will be able to download the DLC for the game for free. And if you want to envelop your 3DS's home screen in the game you'll also be able to purchase a paid theme from the Nintendo Theme Shop.

From the game's April 7th release till May 5th, players will be able to download all of the below DLC (the prices reflect the cost after the May 5th deadline):

The first three DLC quests require you to find a lost adventurer in the dungeons. Once you do, they will give you recipes that unlock meals prepared by the NPC Niralda in the Amber Cafe. Players can purchase the meals for each of the party members to apply buffs that last until they leave the dungeon.

  • Find a Wanderer for me! Find the master chef Wanderer to unlock three new recipes for the Amber Restaurant! ($1.49)
  • Find a Princess for me! Find the stray Sovereign to unlock a meal fit for a king in the Amber Restaurant! ($1.99)
  • Find a Landsknecht for me! Find the adventurous Landsknecht to unlock three new recipes for the Amber Restaurant! ($1.49)

The last two DLC quests are repeatable quests that players can get from Niralda as well:

  • Know the Red Pookas? Slay a Red Pooka wandering around the dungeon to receive a Golden or White potion for extra experience! ($1.99)
  • Slay the Gold Guardian! Defeat an elusive Gold Guardian in the dungeon to receive a Nugget of Gold fragment for extra gold! ($1.49)

The above video shows off the paid DLC theme which will be available starting on March 31st for 99 cents. The static theme has scrolling character art (hand-drawn and 3D), plays the main Etrian Mystery Dungeon theme song, and has custom folders.

As for the character trailer mentioned earlier, this week's character class is the Wanderer class. They're a bit of a survivalist-inspired class as their skills focus on clearing hidden paths and targeting specific enemies with their battle skills.

For those who aren't aware, the Mystery Dungeon titles are roguelike dungeon crawlers that take the player's group of characters through randomly generated dungeons to delve further in the dungeon and gather loot and spoils from enemies. The major change for this title is that you look at the world from a fixed overhead viewpoint as opposed to the first-person viewpoint the Etrian Odyssey series is known for.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be released on April 7, 2015 in North America both at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for $39.99. If you pick up the retail version at launch (until supplies last) you'll get a special launch bonus with a visual art book and soundtrack selection from the game.

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