Get Introduced To Lord of Magna's Battle System With New Tutorial Video

By Shawn Collier on May 25, 2015, 7:03PM EST

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven's story revolves around the main character Luchs, a peaceful innkeeper, discovering a bracelet known as "Lachryma". This bracelet attracts the presence of fiends, but he's saved by a he's saved by a mysterious faerie encased in crystal whose memories are spotty at best. Luchs decides to help her recover these memories and, in doing so, encounters numerous other faeries just like her, each wielding unique powers and remembering a little more about their storied pasts as the entourage grows. The unique hook of the game's battle mechanics revolves around a strategy mechanic where you can literally "bowl" over as many enemies with a single strike. The game also features adjustable difficulty levels and a fast-forwarding feature for dialogue.

Each of the seven heroines have four unlockable special skills consisting of physical attacks, healing skills, and support skills which can be obtained by having Luchs spend time with them during downtime from battle. Those events, known as "HEART Events" in-game, revolve around getting to know the heroines personally. The more time that Luchs spends with a heroine, the greater the number of special skills that will be unlocked for both characters.

In order to use these special skills in battle, the player needs to build "Tension", which can be acquired by defeating enemies. Using these special skills can also build Tension when enemies are defeated with them, and if a character can defeat 10 or more enemies in one turn, that character will earn a second turn with the option to use an additional special skill if enough Tension has been accrued.

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven will be released on June 2 in North America in a retail and digital format via the Nintendo eShop for $39.99. First-run prints of the physical version will include a bonus original soundtrack CD.

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