Atlus Announces ACE Team's Latest Title: The Deadly Tower of Monsters

By Shawn Collier on June 15, 2015, 8:54PM EST

ACE Team and Atlus have announced their newest title, an action-based downloadable game named The Deadly Tower of Monsters.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is an action-based title that takes its theme after B-movie motifs. The key mechanic in the game is that the player's progress up the tower stays visible the entire time the player climbs far into the reaches of outer space. The enemies can also climb/fly up the tower to attack you from below. Going down actually becomes a key mechanic in the game, as you can freefall downward the tower to find new paths and explore hidden areas.

ACE Team and Atlus's The Deadly Tower of Monsters will be released on the PS4 and PC later this Fall.

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